Asunción is the capital of Paraguay and is located along the Paraguay River.

Founded on August 15, 1537, it is called the Mother of Cities.

It is known because it houses the majestic Lopez Palace, seat of government and official office of the president. Near this, the National Pantheon of Heroes has a mausoleum and commemorative plaques of Paraguayan historical figures. The Casa de la Independencia Museum stands out for its colonial architecture.


The average annual temperature is around 23 °C. Asunción is generally warm and humid.


The guarani is the official currency of Paraguay (PYG). 1 Dollar is equivalent to about 7,395 guaraníes.


Citizens of some countries need to present a tourist visa that must be processed at the embassies or consulates of Paraguay abroad. In the following link you can check if you require a visa or not.

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As of October 24, 2022, it will not be mandatory to present the vaccination card. However, we recommend reviewing the country’s regulations before your trip.

All travelers, nationals or foreigners coming from risk areas: Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and Venezuela, must be vaccinated against Yellow Fever and have the International Vaccination Certificate to prove it.

For more information and to be updated on the obligations to enter Paraguay, please consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Get to Know Asunción “Mother of Cities”

The López Palace

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The Lopez Palace, officially called the Palace of Government, is the seat of the office of the President of the Republic of Paraguay and the secretariats of the Executive Branch. It is one of the most emblematic buildings of the Paraguayan capital, Asunción. It was built in neoclassical style with a certain Palladian influence. The Palace was declared Treasure of the Material Cultural Heritage of Asuncion, on the occasion of the election of Asuncion as American Capital of Culture 2009.

National Pantheon of Heroes and Oratory to the Virgin Mary Our Lady of the Asuncion

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The Pantheon of Heroes is located between Palma and Chile en pleno streets in the heart of the microcenter of the capital of Paraguay, Asunción. It is an obligatory stop for all tourists. It is, at the same time, an architectural jewel of great artistic, cultural and patrimonial value.

The National Pantheon of Heroes is the Paraguayan replica of Le Panthéon, a monument located in the 5th district of París.

Within the enclosure of the pantheon, countless honorary plaques sent by illustrious foreign rulers, kings and princes have been fixed. Congratulations and verses of recognition to the Paraguayan Navy, the Air Force, and other institutions.

House of Independence

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The Independence House Museum in Asuncion was inaugurated on May 14, 1965. Located on the corner of Presidente Franco and 14 de Mayo Streets, it stands out for its marked colonial style. This house has a historical importance since the main protagonists of the country’s independence used it as a secret meeting place.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady of the Asuncion

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The Metropolitan Cathedral of Asuncion is the main catholic temple of Asuncion. It is in the Cathedral District, in the historic center of the capital of Paraguay. It was the first diocese of the Río de la Plata. The last current model was built during the government of Don Carlos Antonio Lopez and inaugurated in 1845. It is dedicated to the Virgin of the Assumption, patron saint of the capital city of the country. It has a high altar covered in silver.

Botanical Garden

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The Botanical and Zoological Garden is one of the main lungs of Asunción since it has 275 hectares of natural forest. The zoo houses almost seventy species of wild animals including birds, mammals, and reptiles. Most of them represent the South American fauna. The botanical garden is home to native species, and its main wealth lies in the variety and beauty of its leafy trees.

José Asunción Flores

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Avenida José Asunción Flores is an avenue and pedestrian street in Asunción, Paraguay, initially inaugurated in 2012. The first section starts at Calle Colón and ends at Avenida General Santos, while the second section extends from Avenida General Santos to Avenida Primer Presidente, and then connects with the Ñu Guasú Highway to reach the city of Luque.